31 Aralık 2008 Çarşamba

Doritos - Alaturka

Doritos - Alaturka

Usually people say that "what have you done for the movie. isnt it all done in 3d ?"
There are several render passes to comp this secene. We touch every layer and enhance the secene in a 2 day client driven flame session. (Director : Güray Varol)
(The adv. details are at www.sinefekt.com)

Render passes: Shadow pass, reflection pass, floor pass, curtain pass, pepper pass, stalk pass, package pass, normal pass, z depth pass

We used fbx file coming from Maya to locate the spots to the floor and a big one spot to whole scene. We also put a beam multiplied with a smoke footage to make an atmosphere effect. The beam is connected to an axis and rendered with a camera from the fbx file.

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