31 Mart 2009 Salı

Turkcell - Biz kimiz ?

Director : Bahadır Karataş
Agency : Markom Leo Burnett
Prod. : Film Park
Post.Prd.: Sinefekt

For the crowd multiplication, Film Park recorded football supporters infront of greebox in Makina (www.makinafx.com) with Red One. There are 26 different fotball supporters with so many differnt acts. The footage was 3 hours long r3d files. We have edited, resized and converted the files with Red Cine. Our scratch system was not ready at that time. We imported the footage to İnferno, clasified and renamed the clips to the acts and angles. The client wanted special acts at instant times in the shot as goal emotions, fallow the ball and stand up synchronization with the football player.

We exported the clasified and spill corrected footage to Maya with alpha channels.
At far distances we generated the crowd with Maya using this footage. At closer shots we placed them one by one with hand. There are 250 layers of people with different slip values in one shot.

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