18 Mayıs 2009 Pazartesi

Avea - Teknopark

Director : Bora Egemen
Agency : TBWA
Prod. : EFT
Post.Prd.: Sinefekt

In some projects if there is certain deadlines and time is so limited we use 2 or more flame or inferno systems in Sinefekt. With Autodesk's wire technology transferring a pal clip is just one click instant. 5 of our compositing workstations are upgraded to 2010 versions. So we are the fastest and have the biggest capacity. We can complete the projects in a very short period of time working as a team that we used to work for feature films.

In this commercial we shared the shots with Guray Gursoy. There are 26 shots. I have completed 12 of them as you can watch in my before after video. Guray worked with the client most of the time and he supervised the project joining the production part.

New desktop wallpaper of Flame 2010.

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