11 Ocak 2010 Pazartesi

Conforming (online editing) with a color grading system is a LIE

Last month I was working on trailers and vfx (mostly fixes) of these

-Newyork'ta beş minare (Trailer)
-Newyork'ta beş minare (Fixes) (We only worked on fixes. vfx done by some foreign guys???)
-Sultanın Sırrı (Trailer)
-Gişe Memuru (Vfx and Fixes)
-Atlı Karınca (Vfx and Fixes)

The confirming (online editing) of these movies are done with Lustre and Scratch systems.
Problems I conquered are :

-Problems with editing. The movie wasnt matching with offline. The client is sitting with a laptop next to the
colorist and wishing some editing revisions. (But we had an edl and offline ???? )
-Missing layers of edl (missisg scans) (I had to wait the scans with some clients rearward. I thought colorists were conforming themovie ??? The first thing of an online editor is to check if there is a missing clip ???)
-Wrong timewarps. (Some muzzles are at wrong timing. Sound fx is in trouble I guess.)
-No interpolation at timewarps. Lustre and scratch cant do timewarps with interpolation.
-No reframing. (Some shots were anamorphic (2.35) and some are normal (4:3 fullgate) I had to resize them to a fixed res. timeline and also done the reframing.)

All these are not the limitations of softwares. Old-time colorists can't easyly get used to working with these systems.
Online editing or conforming is not importing clips and hitting the assemble button and should be done with
an online conforming station (smoke, inferno etc.) and with an online editor.

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