3 Kasım 2010 Çarşamba

Newyork'ta Beş Minare

I was the online editor of the trailer. Color correction done by Dilek Er.

Wide Angle Lens Deformation Correction for the shot where Danny Glover gets excited in the forecourt of Sultan Ahmet Mosk.

Only 3 of the muzzle flash shots done by me. Others are done by the team of a guy called Gonzales.

These shots are stabilized by the technique of 3d tracking and projection. I was trying to do it with old school 2 point tracking. By the force of Kuban Altan and Sinan Vural I used the proper method.

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Uğur "vigo" Özyılmazel dedi ki...

wide-angle correction looks awesome! helal olsun (: