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1987-1993 Commodore 64 & Amiga

Commodore 64, Amiga, Deluxe Paint, Locus Team, Asterix (Asteriks)

The year was 1987. I was 12 years old.My father bougt me a commodore 64 computer. My friend Özkan Huvaj had a sinclair Spectrum at that time. It wasn't the first time that I see a computer but it was my first one. Also It was the first time that I met with computer graphics.

The first graphics program that I use is Koala Painter. There was 16 colors palette. And you can't put 4 pixel with different colors together. There must be some space between them. There was no mouse no scanner no internet no graphics tablet. At least I didnt have one. I was trying to paint with joystick. :))) I recorded some of them to tape but I lost em.

The "undo" command was called "Oops".
Koala painter was a simple bitmap graphics editor by Audio Light Inc. KoalaPad is a graphics tablet produced from 1984 by U.S. company Koala Technologies for several early 8-bit home computers. Koala Painter was bundled with the pad.

When it's 1990 I met with Amiga 500. It has stunning graphic and sound capabilities for an affordable price. I created lots of graphics with Delux Paint Software. With my 3 friends (Kuban Altan, Özkan Huvaj, Volkan Tiftik) we formed a group called Locus Team. Unlike other cracker groups we tryed to create games and demos. Asterix (or Asteriks) 1991 was the first Turkish Amiga game that reach alot of people. Our second game was Dead Breath 1992. It's language was English and somehow it spreaded to the world, beacase we haven't got internet at that years. You can find it at http://www.lemonamiga.com

Commodore Magazine - February 1991 Issue:68
Commodore was the serious magazine at that year. Its print was quality and it was a littlebit expensive.

Year 1991 - Asterix (Asteriks)
This is the first Turkish game or text adventure (what ever) written to Amiga which reach a lot of people.

Lemon Amiga - Huge Database of Amiga Games

Year 1992 - Dead Breath
We work on the game Dead Breath at mid-term holiday (15 days) when we're are at high school.

Year 2001 - Operation Resurrection
We copied Amiga disks to PC.

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