25 Ocak 2005 Salı

Ejder Kapanı

Director : Uğur Yücel
Production : TMC
Postproduction : Sinefekt
VFX Producer : Yonca Ertürk

I didnt watch the movie till I wrote this blog. I hear good critics about the film. We watch the film at fastforward for examining the vfx. Watching the offline with a watermark on it and without a final soundmix is not enjoyable.

Except offline editing, all post work done at Sinefekt. I worked on a few effect shots. (Laser beams, binoculars, sparks, rain) Major part of the effect shots done by Ozgur Taparlı. Emre Onel has also done the gunfires of the opening scene using fxhome software. Turgay Gürsoy done the titles.
Online & color grading was done at Lustre software by Pascal Nowak.
I heard some complaints about the timewarps (slowmo). But they are all because of client's insistent request.

When I was surfing the web about this film I realised the poster of the movie is designed by Emre Erdem. You can see his work from the site below.

Laser beams added to rifles. In production some beams are visible where there is smoke but most of them were weak.

Spark added to car chasing & accident shots.

You can see different kinds of binoculars at video games (especially shooters). The weapons and binoculars are very realistic at the games. I took them as example and designed the binocular. There is an exaggerated lens deformation. But we canceled for seeing the image clearly.

Laser beams are 3d extruded cylinders. I multiplied the matte of the beam with a smoke footage. Because in real life the lasers can only be visible with smoke. The lasers are so impressive when they point directly or pass very close to the lens.

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