13 Şubat 2009 Cuma


There are some famous brands in a country that are old, well-known, deep-rooted.
Furthermore they are identical with some products. For example we call tissue as "Selpak". But "Selpak"
is a brand. We call fuel-gas as "Aygaz or İpragaz". They are brands too. Gilette is an
English brand which entered to our dictionary as "jilet". We call razor: jilet in our country.
Is "hoover" a brand or a cleaning machine. I dont really know but it's in the dictionary.
You can increase the number of examles. Some products are taking their names from their founders
or they are the first ones in a country.

Nestle is one of them. Every Turkish people would remember the Nestle brands. Some of their
names are: Nescafe, Chokella, Nesquick. When you go to a coffe shop you will call the waitress
"Can you pass me a Nescafe please." When I was a kid, the the most attractive product was
"Chokella" in the market. We grow with some brands and they take parts in our lives.
I'm very proud of working in a Nestle commercial.

The commercial is about the past 100 years of Nestle in Turkey.
There are old film effects some are done during production and some are done
during post production. The look of the scene the mother feeds her chield is completely
achieved at production. They exposed the film from the backside and changed the
recording speed on 16mm film camera. The speed is varying as you'll see when you watch.
The colors enhenced in telecine and a littlebit in Inferno. We add a digital camera-stop
effect to the end of the scene.

The second old looking scene is recorded to 35mm film. I tried Tinder's old film plugin.
But we accomplish the effect by using fully manuel methods with Inferno. I had a full
control on the parameters. (As you know "Power is nothing without control".)
The speed is changed with timewarp. We make sudden position changes in the image.
I added motion blur, lensblur and vignette to whole image. I applied kind of a shake.
I composed stock scratches, stains and negative burns. I added tape stains to cuts.

The third old looking scene shoud look like 8mm. We added gate and shake. Colors
and grainy look is done at telecine.

There are a lot of fixes at the rest of the film. (You can watch them from my before-after video).
I'm getting used to Flames Time Line and BatchFX. I used it to comp the supers (texts).
Packshot is also designed at flame using 2d still images from the web.

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