23 Şubat 2009 Pazartesi

Recep İvedik 2

Recep İvedik is the most popular film nowadays and has the best box-office of all times.

There was a quarrel between Şahan Gökbakar & Cem Yılmaz about their films.
Cem Yılmaz joked that Recep İvedik was shot with hi-8 camera. Şahan invited
Cem Yılmaz and promised to show the HI-8 :))))

The film was recorded with F23 and F35 Sony digital Cinema cameras in HD
format. It was color corrected at Luster and effect shots achieved at flame.
The post production pipeline was same for both movies.

The director of Recep İvedik 'Togan Gökbakar' was an intern at Sinefekt one time.
So he is sensitive about the postproduction part. He was also working with Sinefekt
for his past 2 feature films Recep 1 & Gen.

There was 33 shots to fix. Most difficult 2 of them was to stabilize very very long
opening and end sequences.
There is a 2.5 min. long hospital scene that we add an electrocardiograph effect
and some heart puls numbers.

We take great care to fix the fur of Recep's. There are alot of fixes as always.

The post production part was not a big deal when we compare with others but we lough
alot and completed it in a short period of time with my friends Kuban and Turgay.

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