21 Kasım 2009 Cumartesi

Eagle Mobile

Director : Mete Özok
Prod. : Film Park
Post.Prd.: Sinefekt

Yes !!! He's James Belushi. We know him mostly from TV series "According to Jim." I also like his old film K-9 (1989).
I did not know he's Albanian until I work for this Albanian mobile telecommunications company Eagle Mobile's commercial.
In the movie he's on a trip to Albania and he plays his role with an eagle. A special kind of eagle is the symbol of Albania.

There are two eagles in the film. One of them shot infront of greenscreen, other one is CGI. My friend (colleague) Koray Zengin created (modeled, rigged, animated and rendered) the eagle.
The commercial was recorded on super 16mm film and we complated the project in HD resolution. It will be brodcasted both SD and HD Tv channels.
The CGI eagle was rendered 16bit openexr format. In Sinefet most of the latest 3D projects are rendered with a large range of color depth for color grading like film.

Second film that I worked for online and compositing part including James Belushi was about a proposal of switching between telecommunication operators. Around about the same context was used in Turkey between Vodafone and Turkcell. In Albania the rival is Vodafone again. I heard that Eagle Mobile is a Turkish origin company.

At online and compositing process there is no technical achievement. There are clasiccal fixes, color correction, wipe from one scene to another, vignettes, a small shine on the simcard and design of packshot.

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