20 Kasım 2009 Cuma

Yedi Kocalı Hürmüz

Director : Ezel Akay
Production : 5.Boyut
Offline Editing : Mustafa Presheva
Director of Photography : Hayk Kirakosyan
Colorist : Eszter Nagy
Post.P. : Sinefekt
VFX Producer : Yonca Ertürk

The movie is Ezel Akay's third feature film as a director. The genre is comedy. The story of the movie is about a woman (Nurgül Yeşilçay as Hürmüz) who has 7 husbands. She cheats all of them and non of them know each other. We work with Özgür Taparlı, Güray Gürsoy, Turgay Gürsoy and Alican Serbest together for the effects.
The most significant technical detail about the post production is the camera used for the film. It was shot by Red One. Color corrected with Scratch (color grading system that is best competable with red). DOP Hayk Kirakosyan shoot with both 35mm and Red with same conditions (lights etc.) and compared results that are printed to positive film. They were satisfied with the results.

The cage was created by Arda Kutlu.

I enjoyed compositing the 5.Boyut logo animation that is at the begining of the movie before the title seq. It is the combine of stop motion clay animation and 3d footage. The clay animation (and photography) done by Niyazi Özyurt. http://www.niyaziozyurt.com
It looks like the game 'Lemmings'. One of my friend compare it to the game 'Settlers'.
We located apx. 60 caveman to the 3D generated huge logo.

Niyazi Özyurt photographed clay puppets' every frame with 2 different setup for generating alfa channel. It is known as silhuette photography.

This is my 18th feature film as a compositing artist.

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